HIWN main philosophy is; “There’s no way to get true and sustainable results physically unless we’re first emotionally fit and mentally strong.”

For the past 5 years our Founder, Christopher Ray Coleman, has been growing the HIWN brand to be a leading organization in the health/wellness industry. A part of that was his decision to brand himself as the #HealthIsWealthGuy and focus on the Consulting Agency Division of the organization. This also included him distancing himself from fitness related aspects of health/wellness as well.

He noticed many people had the fitness aspect of being healthy down packed. But he also noticed people significantly struggled with nutrition. Especially family members he had passing away rapidly due to healthy preventive illnesses.

He quickly became an expert in the health and wellness space and successfully made HIWN a well known brand. However he started to suffer personally with his mental healthy from being away from a love of his; powerlifting(and fitness overall).

It’s clear that nutrition is a huge aspect to getting results. However we can’t shy away from the mental benefits that come from being physically active also.

This brand/division is designed to shine a light on these benefits, follow Chris as he starts his competitive career as a powerlifter, and provide a safe space for those to embrace physical strength while manifest mental strength and toughness!