I'm Here To Revolutionize An Industry

 The corporate wellness industry has been stagnant for a few years while entrepreneurship has caused innovation in businesses, companies, and organizations of all sizes recently.

I am confident that there is nobody more experienced, relevant,  or current than me when it comes to implementing new age corporate wellness programs in this evolved era of operating businesses.

Most health coaches/consultants have ventured into the corporate wellness space to maximize on the profit margins and capitalize on the "bigger" budgets. My foundation is in entrepreneurship and building organizations which was accomplished with the help of my own corporate wellness programs. And now I'm spreading the wealth to other professionals while fulfilling my vision to change the state of health in the south.

Click on the packet in the next section to make sure you're fully informed on what all comes with me becoming your personal corporate wellness consulting or how I can add value for your team. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your #HealthIsWealthGuy

Christopher Ray Coleman

Watch and hear me and Jason Will; Founder of JWRE & IMPACT Agent Coaching; discuss everything from corporate wellness, leadership, and the importance of self talk.  


Oh....One Last Thing!

 If you want to get technical I'm a Corporate Wellness Consultant/Anthropologists. Many "health coaches" have a passion for health then monetize it. I have a foundation of building a sales organization and growing start ups and have used corporate wellness to elevate my bottom lines in different industries. I grew up an athlete and have 10 years of experience with personal training, nutrition consulting, and entrepreneurship mentoring. Nobody else is more equipped to help sales professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs get healthier bottom lines by creating healthy life lines first! If you want to just go through the motions and check a box with your health & wellness I am not your guy. But if you truly want to optimize your health while accumulating wealth, make quantum leaps in your business, and have the overall lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having; let's get started asap!