One of my favorite quotes from Jim Rohn is; "Learn how to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.”

When I first heard this it hit home because it truly described the fabric of my life up until that point!

There are many things that are important in life! Yet there's different degrees of how important something is and if it's on the major end of the spectrum or the minor end of the spectrum.

For example, at HIWN we teach clients when it comes to their nutrition program they start on once they order their Herbalife Nutrition products that getting results is 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise/Fitness

Both nutrition and exercise is important to getting results, creating a healthy active lifestyle, and improving your overall wellness in life.

However, nutrition is the one that dictates the most change in our health therefore it's the major. We spend 1 hour a day engaged in fitness and 23 hours a day influencing our lifestyle with eating and sleeping so our bodies can recuperate. It's clear to see which one is the minor.

Yet everyday I encounter people that are sold this bag of goods that they can just workout all day and eat like shit and get results.

This concept doesn't just apply in our organization but it applies to all areas of life.

The guy buys are car then invests more money in customizing it than the amount the car is worth...

The gal complains about not being where she wants to be in life but comes home from work to binge watch a "guilty pleasure" tv show...

The business owner that invest money into traditional advertising because that's what they've always done instead of adapting to the times and advertising on social media where all the attention is today!

The wife that complains about her husband working long hours to provide for the financial freedom their family gets to experience with vacations, cars, and other luxuries in life.

The person that complains about the misspelled word in my book while the content is changing lives and people's mindsets around the world(it's a best seller not a best written)

Understand all of these things are IMPORTANT. The person that believes they're not is naive. 

But as despite something being important there's still a huge difference between it being a major and a minor.

3 questions you can ask yourself to determine if something is a major or minor...

  • If I compare A to B; how important is A in the long term?
  • Is this one action going to be the main factor that yields me the results I desire?
  • If this didn't exist; would I still accomplish my ultimate goal and truly have the life I desire?

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