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From a very young age I’ve considered myself a wordsmith! I grew up with a speech impediment so speaking was a struggle for me. Combine that with me being an introvert and I was basically a mute as a kid.

I soon learned that knowing the precise words to use in certain situations would help lessen the amount of time and the amount of words I had to say(crazy a kid would think like this)

And this combined with my mom forcing me to write definitions from the dictionary sparked my love for words, launching, and communicating.

Up until recently in life when I started a sales job and had to speak to customers and my team; my love was solely writing.

Learning the art of communication via voice has been a struggle. Studying communicators like Booker T Washington, Martin Luther King, or Jim Rohn(who were all great salesmen but that’s a different blog post) really helped me hone this skill.

The English language is so fascinating because it’s so versatile!

There’s slang, there’s generational vernacular, or geographical vernacular depending on where you live.

But what has fascinated me as a entrepreneur and team leader is there’s organizational vernacular. A language and a glossary an organization abides by to make sure everyone is on the same page.

For instance when someone says “I love you” it could mean anything from intimacy, on a family level, or just a strong like. However in our organization Love = Sacrifice. So I can tell another guy that I love him and he knows that I’m willing to sacrifice to make sure he’s successful because that’s our vernacular.

HOME = Health Oriented & Mentally Empowering! So when we say “this is home” or “protect our home”; we know exactly what we’re referring to!

Languaging isn’t just a tool that can improve a community or organization. It’s the tool!

It can improve the synergy, unity, and togetherness 10X any other component!

Ask yourself yourself there 3 questions to give you clarity on improving your languaging...

  • Is the languaging I’m currently using helping or harming me?
  • Where did/ Whom did I get the languaging I currently use?
  • How would the person I desire to become communicate and convey their message to people?

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