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Stories are soooo powerful! Just think about it.....we tell kids bedtime STORIES; not bedtime facts right!

I learned a long time ago that life is more based on what we perceive and the story we constantly tell ourselves; not what’s actually occurring.

We are more powerful than we realize and the daily story we tell ourselves can directly affect our lives.

Did you know our hearts are made up of 60-65% neuron/brain cells? And our hearts can emanate a magnetic field up to 8ft from our body.

So the story we tell ourselves in our mind can not only affect how we feel in our hearts. But it can affect those around us!

I am constantly telling people that HIWN will open 100 Nutrition Clubs along the gulf coast and throughout the south by the end of 2020.

One reason I say it is to hold myself accountable because when others know it’s more likely that I will stick to the goal.

But another reason is that it’s a positive story I’m constantly telling myself. And I need it to radiate to others so they can be affected by it!

Here are 3 ways you can improve the stories you’re telling yourself...

  • Admit that the story you’ve been telling yourself isn’t serving you and you need to change it
  • Stay away from people that are constantly telling themselves negative stories which are affecting you whether you know it or not.
  • Picture how your life can be 10X better than what it is today and constantly tell yourself that story and manifest it!

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